Geoff Filippi: Spring 5 and Project Reactor

Wednesday June 13th, 2018

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5:30-6:00: Food, Soda, Beer and Networking

6:00-6:15: Announcements

6:15-7:45: Spring 5 and Project Reactor with Geoff Filippi

This talk will start with an introduction to reactive programming. We will introduce the Reactive Manifesto and explain Non-blocking IO. We will look at some of the new reactive programming features in Java like CompletableFuture and Reactive Streams. Project Reactor, Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2 are helping to make these new features accessible to Java developers. We will also introduce the concept of backpressure to control the flow of data.

You will learn how to create a Non-blocking application using Spring Boot 2. We will use to create a new Reactive application. Will will compare the Flux and Mono types and discuss when to use each.

About Geoff Filippi

Geoff is a Senior Architect at DISH Network, serving a large group of developers implementing microservices. Prior to his work at DISH, he was an Application Architect at Oildex, an oil and gas data service company. He also spent 12 years at Time Warner Cable, where he was a Senior Engineer. At TWC, he leads the team that built the video streaming web application, TWCTV.

Geoff holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech. He holds several patents related to high-availability, architecture, wireless networks and cable systems.

Geoff is focused on API design, continuous deployment, domain-driven design, containers, and cloud-native architectures.

Geoff lives in Denver, CO and on Twitter @geofffilippi (

7:45: Door Prizes

* IntelliJ IDE License (
* Pluralsight Subscription provided by DevelopIntelligence (

8:00: After Meeting Networking

After meeting networking sponsored by Okta ( We meet at Ale House at Amato’s St, Denver, CO 80211).

RSVP at Denver JUG Meetup

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