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DenverJUG has made the move to Meetup! Join the DJUG Meetup group here. Going forward, we plan on announcing our monthly meetings via Meetup – the announcement will be sent to everyone who’s a member of the DJUG Meetup Group. You will still be able to visit this site to see up to date information about each monthly meeting.

DenverJUG operates mailing lists for DenverJUG events, discussion, job postings, and SIGs. Messages posted to the mailing list are archived online through Yahoo Groups. If you want to send a message to one of the DenverJUG volunteer officers rather than post to the group, please email denverjug at yahoo dot com

Main Mailing List (New Members Moderated)
Monthly meeting announcements. New subscribers are moderated for the first month. You are required to join the mailing list to post messages to the group. You do not have to join the mailing list to view the postings on Yahoo Groups.
Discussion Mailing List (Unmoderated)
Open discussion area on Java-related technology questions. Product announcements. Java training classes available. Denver-area User Group technology meetings announcements.
Jobs and Resumes Mailing List (Moderated)
Postings of Java-related Jobs and Resumes. You are required to join the mailing list to post messages to the group. You do not have to join the mailing list to view the postings on Yahoo Groups. Please review the DJUGJOBS mailing list posting guidelines listed below.
These are the policies for posting messages to the Yahoo! group. Please read these policies before posting to the group.


The following are the rules for posting to the Denver JUG jobs group. If you don’t meet all requirements, your post may be rejected.

  • Real names
    You must include your real name or company name in your job post. Anonymous posts almost certainly will be rejected. If you can’t announce your name or your company for competitive reasons, consider using a recruiting agency. Alternatively, send an email (with your real name) to denverjug at yahoo dot com to seek permission to post an anonymous job announcement.
  • Positions in the Front Range only
    This job list is only for positions in the Denver/Front Range area (Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins and all towns in between).
  • Java is the primary skill
    Postings to the jobs list are for positions where Java is the primary technical skill or the position requires knowledge and use of Java on a regular basis.For example, the following positions are valid:

    • Java Developer
    • Java Project Manager
    • Enterprise Java Developer
    • Web applications developer using Java
    • Java GUI developer
    • Architect responsible for developing Java projects
    • Tester who will use JUnit or Java to test

    Examples of positions that are not valid:

    • C++ developer
    • Web page designer who uses HTML and JavaScript.
    • Project Manager who doesn’t need to understand Java technologies
    • Tester who needs primarily WinRunner
  • No attachments to your email
  • Required information:
    • Your real name and/or real company name
    • Description of the position:
    • Location (city and location in city, e.g. LODO):
    • Required skills:
    • Preferred skills:
    • Type of employment (perm, contract, contract to hire):
    • Length of contract term, if applicable
  • Preferred information:
    • Amount of travel required
    • Benefit information
    • Company information or URL.
    • Job duties
    • Recruiting company information
    • Salary/hourly rate ranges
    • Phone contact
The only rule we have about candidate postings is that you, the candidate, must post the email.
You may post your resume, but you might also want to highlight your skills and interest at the top of your email. Be sure to say when you are available, what cities or parts of town you would consider working in, and what type of employment (e.g. contract, permanent, no travel) you would consider

SIG Mailing Lists
Moderated Status Varies

Mailing lists supporting the Special Interest Groups. Some lists restrict membership to those actively attending the meetings. SIG leaders maintain the individual lists.

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