Meeting Room Sponsors

  • Pivotal (2017)
  • Davita (2016)
  • Tuliva (2016) Creating the future through the innovation and ingenuity of Information Technology.
  • Rally (2015) is the leader in agile transformations – providing the training and tools to transform your organization into one that innovates, leads, adapts, and delivers.
  • SendGrid (2013 – 2015)
  • FullContact (2012, 2013) FullContact is the API that keeps contact information current. We build APIs that developers can integrate into their applications using any language.
  • Colorado Community College System (2011)

Food Sponsor

  • TEKsystems A provider of IT services and information technology and communications staffing. TEKsystems offers a IT services, including technology deployment services and enterprise support services.
  • Bandwidth.com At Bandwidth, we’ve made a business out of disrupting the telecom industry. We’re the voice network behind innovative brands like Google Voice, Skype, and Pinger, and we’ve created the country’s best-value wireless plan in Republic Wireless. We think like a software company, but with deep telecom knowledge, providing platforms and tools that remove telecom’s complexity for our customers.
  • Inversoft The User Company. Our software brings brands and users closer together. Built by developers, for developers.
  • Okta is The Identity Cloud. Millions of people rely on Okta to securely connect to the technologies and services that let them do their most important work.

Meetup Page Sponsor

Door Prize Sponsors

  • Günther Douglas Among Denver’s IT staffing companies and job agencies, Günther Douglas excels in bringing technology and people together. Explore what can happen when you work with a company that takes the time to listen, to understand the culture and expectations, and to ensure the right fit.
  • JetBrains JetBrains has a passion for making developers more productive. They focus on ways to make development tools more intelligent, the development process more efficient, and development cycles shorter. They’re responsible for building the award winning tools: IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper and dotTrace as well as the Continuous Integration solution: TeamCity.
  • Manning Publications Manning’s focus is on computing titles at professional levels. Many of the books come with online reader support: authors answer the questions of their readers in our Web-based Author Online discussion forums.
  • O’Reilly Media O’Reilly books are known for the animals on their covers. The company offers books, conferences, and online information. Use the discount code DSUG for 35% off your purchase.
  • ÜberConf offers a an extreme technical experience annually with 3+ days of over  100 technical sessions – including 25 hands-on workshops centered around Architecture, Cloud, Security, Enterprise Java, Languages on the JVM, Build/Test, Mobility and Agility. The goal of ÜberConf is a simple one: totally blow the minds of our attendees.
  • DevelopIntelligence is a Louisville, CO company that helps software teams learn and adopt new technologies by delivering highly-customized, dedicated training courses in the areas of Java, Web Development, and Open source. To help teams continue learning after the training is done, each student receives a free Safari books online account.
  • Sempera Sempera is a nationally WBE certified IT consulting services company with corporate headquarters in Englewood, CO.

Web Hosting

  • Evolution Hosting A Boulder-based hosting environment designed specifically for Java. The myEvolution Hosting Control Center provides management tools that automate system administration tasks and allow full control of J2EE applications.

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