Previous Meetings

Archives of DJUG topics in the past. For the most recent years we do a mixer for the December meeting and that has been left off this list.


April 14, 2010

Polyglot approaches with common examples from each panelist

Panel with language expertise listed:

Ruby     – Frederic Jean
Groovy   – Scott Davis
Scala    – Tom Flaherty
Clojure  – Daniel Glauser
Polyglot – Venkat Subramaniam

Panel discussion on JVM languages other than JavaPanel with language expertise listed:Ruby     – Frederic Jean
Groovy   – Scott Davis
Scala    – Tom Flaherty
Clojure  – Daniel Glauser
Polyglot – Venkat Subramaniam

March 10, 2010

Writing Testable Code
Jim McMaster
Implementing Evolutionary Architecture
Neal Ford

February 11, 2010

Getting Agile with Scrum
Mike Cohn
Slide deck
An Introduction To Agile Estimating And Planning
Mike Cohn
Slide deck

January 13, 2010

Encryption Boot Camp on the JVM
Matthew McCullough
View Presentation Slides
Hadoop: Divide and Conquer Gigantic Datasets
Matthew McCullough
View Presentation Slides


November 11, 2009

How to Become and Independent Consultant: Panel Discussion Q & A
Panel: Matt Raible, Tim Berglund, Matthew McCullough, James Goodwill
Building SOFEA Applications with Grails and GWT
Matt Raible

October 14, 2009

TDD in Grails
Tim Berglund
Randy Kahle

September 9, 2009

Programming Scala
Dr. Venkat Subramanian
Concurrency on the JVM Using Scal
Dr. Venkat Subramanian

August 12, 2009

Demian L. Neidetcher
The Pulse Project
John Lowe

July 8, 2009

Cappucino Web Framework
Johnny Wey
JavaOne 2009 Recap
Timothy Fagan

June 10, 2009

Clark Hobbie
How to stop waiting for build/deploy and enjoy coding again
David Booth

May 13, 2009

Stuart Halloway
Failure with 100% Code Coverage
Stuart Halloway

April 9, 2009

Mule ESB – integration simplified
Rich Remington
The Rules of SOA – A Road to a Successful SOA Implementation
Jeff Genender

March 11, 2009

Database Refactoring With Liquibase
Leaping into DVCS with Git

February 11, 2009

Lizard Brain Web Design

Scott Davis

DSLs in Groovy: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say
Scott Davis

January 14, 2009

Groovy, JUnit 4 and JMockit
Frederic Jean
View Presentation Slides
Avoiding Open Source Lawsuits
Stormy Peters


November 12, 2008

Java Web Services meet Native iPhone Applications
Matthew McCullough
Introduction to OSGi
Chris Custine

October 8, 2008

JMX and Spring: Manageability for Spring-based Applications
Ken Sipe
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Developers
Ken Sipe

September 10, 2008

Shipper’s Unite
Jared Richardson
Distributed Teams
Jared Richardson

August 13, 2008

Groovier Selenium
Frederic Jean
GridGain 2.0 – Grid Computing Made Simple
Nikita Ivanov

July 9, 2008

Intro to JME
John Lowe
See SPOT run…
John Lowe

June 11, 2008

Introduction to Richfaces
Scott Ryan
Using XAware with Service-Oriented and Web-Oriented Architectures
Kirstan Vandersluis

May 14, 2008

The Web App of 1000 Faces
Chris Reigrut
Developer Education and the Best Ways To Do It
Kelby Zorgdrager
Download Presentation (pdf)

April 9, 2008

Groovy 101: Core Groovy
Andrew Glover
Groovy 201: Putting Groovy to Use Quickly
Andrew Glover

March 12, 2008

Frederic Jean
Brian Pontarelli

February 13, 2008

Introduction to JavaFX
Matthew McCullough
Presentation Slides
For additional info: Matthew’s Site
JavaFX in Action
Jim Weaver

January 9, 2008

Give It a REST
Brian Sletten
Norman Richards


November 14, 2007

iBatis Data Mapper
Nathan Maves
Creating an Agile Automated Build and Deployment Environment
Franz Garsombke

October 17, 2007 — EXTRA MEETING at PPA Event Center

Pattern Oriented Development
Alan Shalloway
Emergent Design: Design Patterns and Refactoring for Agile Development
Alan Shalloway

October 10, 2007

Q&A On The State Of The Industry
Ted Neward
The Busy Developer’s Guide to Java Bytecode
Ted Neward

September 12, 2007

An Introduction to the OSGi Framework
John Lowe

Buzz Free Guide to SOA
Demian Neidetcher

August 8, 2007

Introduction to JSON
Frederic Jean

GIS for Web Developers
Scott Davis

July 11, 2007

Sexy Web Apps with Java, Mozilla, Tamarin, and Flex
Christophe Coenraets
Getting Started With Grails
Scott Davis

June 13, 2007

Agile Java Web development with Resin application server
Yong Joseph Bakos
Howard Lewis Ship

May 9, 2007

JDBC 4.0
Sharad Acharya
HighLights of Java 6
Siegfried Heintze

April 11, 2007

Automate your Web Application Testing with Selenium and Java
Emilio Suarez

Google Web Toolkit
David Geary

March 14, 2007

Spring Into Groovy
Venkat Subramaniam
Spring Into Unit Testing
Venkat Subramaniam

February 13, 2007

Using Lean Principles to Complete the Agile Development Puzzle
Bob Hartman
Open Source – Cluster your JVM
Ari Zilka

January 10, 2007

The Java Persistence API (JPA)
Bryan Noll


November 8, 2006

Rolling Your Own Google Maps
Scott Davis

Migrating from Struts 1 to Struts 2
Matt Raible

October 11, 200

Jini – Not just for your toaster anymore
Brian Pontarelli
What’s New About New Methods of Software Development?
Al Davis

September 13, 2006

Real-world Agile Development
Neal Ford

The Productive Programmer
Neal Ford

August 9, 2006

Justin Lee

Echo2 WebApp Framework
Tom Poindexter

July 12, 2006

Portals / JSR-168
Chris Reigrut

Developer Rants and Raves
DJUG Membership

June 14, 2006

Portals (Pieces and Parts)
Scott Ryan
Emerging dojo MyFaces Integration
Bill Dudney

May 10, 2006

Embedded Java: A Case Study
John Lowe

Open Source vs. Proprietary Software
Andy Miller

April 12, 2006

Jini and JavaSpaces: Its’ Not Just For Toasters
Owen Taylor

Apache Geronimo Prime-time
Jeff Genender

March 9, 2006

Programming with Aspects
Venkat Subramaniam

Working with Rules Engines
Venkat Subramaniam

FEBRUARY 9, 2006

Easing Into Agile
Scott Davis

On Creating a Handbook of Software Architecture
Grady Booch

JANUARY 11, 2006

Real World Mapping
Scott Davis
Holistic Testing
Scott Davis


NOVEMBER 9, 2005

SOA with ActiveMQ and ServiceMix
Bruce Snyder, LogicBlaze
Darin Manica, Express Reservations

OCTOBER 12, 2005

Security Principles for Java Programmers
Simon Roberts, author “Head First Security”
Injecting Life into Web Applications with AJAX
Steve Benfield, ClearNova

SEPTEMBER 14, 2005

Java Compilation with ‘gcj’
Tom Tromey, Red Hat
J2EE Web Services @ Work
Tom Marrs, author “JBOSS@Work”

AUGUST 10, 2005

Dynamic Struts Forms
Sharad Acharya
Bruce Tate, author “Better, Faster, Lighter Java”

JULY 13, 2005

Open Source Enterprise Service Bus
Jeff Genender and Bruce Snyder, Virtuas Solutions
Ruby On Rails
David Geary, creator ‘STL Struts Template Library’

JUNE 8, 2005

Rhythm: An Agile Execution Framework
Brian Boelsterli
Creating a Successful Open Source Strategy
Lajos Maczar, author “Tomcat 5 Unleashed”

MAY 11, 2005

Continuous Integration with Cruise Control
Jeremy Whitlock
J2EE in Spring and Hibernate
Franz Garsombke

APRIL 13, 2005

Guerrilla Web Techniques
Scott Davis
The State Machine Compiler
Eitan Suez

MARCH 9, 2005

Patterns of Enterprise Business Solutions
Vaughn Vernon
Developer Component and System Tesing with DbUnit
Andrew Glover

FEBRUARY 9, 2005

The Tools Behind the “Java Community” Service
Christian Parker, Kris Thompson
Business Process Execution Language (BPEL)
Kevin Geminiuc, Owen Newnan

JANUARY 14, 2005

Basic Concepts: Testing the Web Tier
Scott Davis, Senior Software Engineer and Instructor
“Exceptional” WebApps: Exeption Models in the J2EE Web Tier.
Stephen Stelting, Sun Center of Learning Excellence


DECEMBER 8, 2004

Basic Concepts: Java Message Service
Chris Huston

Matt Raible, author of “Spring Live”

NOVEMBER 10, 2004

Basic Concepts: Introduction to J2EE 1.4 Web Services
Tom McQueeney

Apache Geronimo
Bruce Snyder, founding member of Apache Geronimo

OCTOBER 13, 2004

Basic Concepts: Beehive
Scott Ryan and Eddie O’Neil
Pragmatic Project Automation
Mike Clark, author of “Pragmatic Project Automation”


Basic Concepts: JMX
Chris Huston, Director of Basic Concepts

JDO 2.0: Another shot at transparent persistence
Dion Almaer, Editor-in-Chief of

AUGUST 11, 2004

Basic Concepts: Programming Puzzles
Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter, Google

Taming the Tiger J2SE 1.5
Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter, Google

JULY 14, 2004

Basic Concepts: JESS
Mark Maslyn

JavaServer Faces and Java Studio Creator
Bill Dudney, author of “Mastering JavaServer Faces”

JUNE 9, 2004

Basic Concepts: AppFuse
Matt Raible, co-author of “Pro JSP, Third Edition”
Sue Spielman, author of “JSTL: Practical Guide for JSP Programmers”

MAY 12, 2004

Basic Concepts: Groovy
Rod Cope, OpenLogic

Swing Optimization
Ben Galbraith, co-author “Professional JSP 2nd Edition”

APRIL 14, 2004

Basic Concepts: Flash Remoting
Lilac Ezer, Code Alloy
J2EE Security with JAAS
Tom Marrs, Consultant

MARCH 10, 2004

Basic Concepts: Struts
Scott Davis

A Dozen Ways to Get the Testing Bug
Mike Clark, co-author of “Bitter EJB”

FEBRUARY 11, 2004

Basic Concepts: Hibernate
Chris Huston, Director of Basic Concepts
XMPP and Jabber Streaming Objects library
Peter Saint-Andre and Matthew Miller, Jabber

JANUARY 14, 2004

Basic Concepts: XSL-FO
Tom McQueeney, President Denver JUG

Exploring the Middle Ground Between HTML and Swing
Dave Curry, ADP Technology Fellows


DECEMBER 10, 2003

Basic Concepts: XSLT
Tom McQueeney, President Denver JUG

New Sun EJB 2.0 Certification
Kathy Sierra, founder, author

NOVEMBER 12, 2003

Basic Concepts: Apache Batik and SVG
Chris Huston, Consultant

Advanced Struts
Games Goodwill, author of “Mastering Jakarta Struts”

OCTOBER 8, 2003

Basic Concepts: AXIS
Scott Davis, Director BC

JavaServer Faces
David Geary, author of “Core JSTL” and “Core JavaServer Faces”

SEPTEMBER 10, 2003

Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ
Joseph Gradecki, co-author of “Mastering AspectJ”

The Architecture of Unusual Things
Grady Booch, co-developer/founder of UML

AUGUST 13, 2003

Basic Concepts: JDOM
Chris Huston, Consultant

Using Eclipse
David Gallardo, co-author of “Eclipse in Action”

JULY 9, 2003

Basic Concepts: Xerces
Scott Davis, Director BC

The J2EE 1.4 Web Foundation
Sue Spielman, author of “JSTL: Practical Guide for JSP Programmers”

JUNE 11, 2003

Basic Concepts: JNDI
Scott Davis, Director BC

Continuous Integration
Franz Garsombke, Global Healthcare Exchange

MAY 14, 2003

Basic Concepts: Logging
Tom McQueeney, VP Denver JUG

Applied Design Patterns
Stephen Stelting, Sun Microsystems

APRIL 9, 2003

Basic Concepts: Antipatterns
Scott Davis, Director BC

Mike Clark, co-author “Bitter EJB”

MARCH 12, 2003

Basic Concepts: TINI
John Lowe

Erik Hatcher, co-author of “Java Development with Ant”

FEBRUARY 12, 2003

Basic Concepts: Using MySQL in the Java Platform
Chris Yoerg

Ben Sullins, author of “JMX in Action”

JANUARY 8, 2003

Basic Concepts: Java for Cell Phones and PDAs
Scott Davis, Director BC

Technical comparison of Java and C#
Glen Coward, Novell


11 Dec 2002
Going Beyond J2EE with JBoss
Marc Fleury
11 Dec 2002
Basic Concepts: Introduction to Ant
Jerry Howard
13 Nov 2002
Using the Struts Framework to Build Enterprise Apps
Sue Spielman
11 Sep 2002
Understanding the Java Message Service
Andreas Taber
11 Sep 2002
MVC Web Apps
Scott Davis
14 Aug 2002
Basic Concepts: Apache and Tomcat
Scott Davis
14 Aug 2002
Open Source and Java: Lessons from the Apache Experience
James Duncan Davidson
10 Jul 2002
Basic Concepts: JUnit
Scott Davis
10 Jul 2002
Java Data Object (JDO) Technology
Patrick Linskey
10 Jun 2002
Basic Concepts: EJB Part II
Tom Marrs
8 May 2002
Basic Concepts: EJB Part I Mike Wolfson
8 May 2002
Java and UML: A Practical Application
Paul Reed
10 Apr 2002
J2EE Scalability and Performance Session
John Funk
10 Apr 2002
Basic Concepts: RMI
Scott Davis, Consultant
13 Mar 2002
Use and Abuse of the Servlet session
Matt Cleveland
13 Feb 2002
Creating Web Services with SilverStream
Glenn Coward
9 Jan 2002
Basic Concepts: Servlets
Scott Davis, Consultant
9 Jan 2002
What is Architecture?
Charles R. Martin


12 Dec 2001
Basic Concepts: JDBC
Scott Davis, Consultant
12 Dec 2001
Building B2C solutions using J2EE and Frameworks
Don Lyman, Navidec; Nick Samoylov, Independent Contractor
14 Nov 2001
Basic Concepts: Back to the Basics
Scott Davis, Consultant
14 Nov 2001
OptimalJ – An environment for Rapid Application Development
Don Vest, Compuware Corporation
10 Oct 2001
XML Processing with Java Tools
Wayne L. Wohler, IBM
12 Sep 2001
8 Aug 2001
Component (EJB) Modeling Using Color Archetypes
Greg Wilson, TogetherSoft
11 Jul 2001
Basic Concepts: UML to Java Mapping
Jason Wyrick, Software Engineer, Rational Software Corp
11 Jul 2001
Modeling the J2EE in UML and Rational Rose
Jason Wyrick, Rational
13 Jun 2001
An Introduction to C#
Bill Joyce, Microsoft
19 May 2001
Basic Concepts: Threading and Concurrency issues with Java Technology
Peter Haggar, IBM
19 May 2001
Threading and Concurrency issues with Java Technology
Peter Haggar, IBM
11 Apr 2001
Basic Concepts: Effective Exception Handling in Java
Peter Haggar
11 Apr 2001 Web site
John Thompson, Creative Concepts
14 Mar 2001
JMS and Message Beans
Paul Little, Chris Siemback and Jason Westra, Verge Technologies Group
14 Feb 2001
Basic Concepts: Operating and Controlling your Java
Tim Berglund, IntelliData
14 Feb 2001
J2EE Enterprise Naming Strategies
Suresh Ramaswamy, Drala Software
10 Jan 2001
Basic Concepts: Hello World +Objects
Charles Bradley
10 Jan 2001
Fast Java Fast
Craig Larman, Valtech


13 Dec 2000
An Overview of the J2EE Application Model
Charles Martin, Sun Microsystems
8 Nov 2000
Wireless Devices, WAP, Databases and Java
David Pauli, PointBase
11 Oct 2000
Document Object Model and Simple API for XML
Tom Cargill
13 Sep 2000
Patterns for EJB
Craig Larman, Valtech
9 Aug 2000
“The Enterprise Java Series” Part 2: Technical Considerations of Developing with Application Servers
Brian Schwallier and Mark Pfeifer, HealthLanguage
12 Jul 2000
Design Patterns in the Construction of Enterprise Java Architecture for XML
Tom Marrs and Deb Ayers
14 Jun 2000
Panel: Intro to Enterprise Computing
Panel discussion
10 May 2000
Prep for exam
Unknown, Sun Microsystems
12 Apr 2000
GemStone: An Archetypal J2EE(tm) Application Built With Best-Practice Patterns
Randy Stafford, Gemstone
8 Mar 2000
Developer Forum
Charles Bradley
9 Feb 2000
Merlot XML editor/Java library
Tim McCune, ChannelPoint
5 Jan 2000
Intro to JSP
Kenneth Wallis, Interim Technology


6 Dec 1999
Persistence Power Tier
10 Nov 1999
Java Performance on the Net
Steve Sullivan, Consultant
13 Oct 1999
Glenn Coward, Bondi Software
8 Sep 1999
Jun for Java: A 3D Graphics Library with Topology and Geometry
Yoshi Hayashi and Brent Reeves, Ph.D, Valtech
11 Aug 1999
App server from Forte
Cullen Landrum, ForteSoftware
14 Jul 1999
Sun Microsystems EJBs
Darlene Khosrowpour, Sun Microsystems
9 Jun 1999
Java and Java VM performance
Uwe Zimmerman, IBM
12 May 1999
14 Apr 1999
A Modular Java/XML E-Commerce Framework
Marshall Clark and Tim McCune, Channelpoint
10 Mar 1999
UML and GDPro, modeling tool
Advanced Software
10 Feb 1999
Intro to VisualCafe v3.0
Steve Norton, Symantec
12 Jan 1999
Jbuilder:Java IDE from Inprise
Kevin Minard, Consultant


9 Dec 1998
Building Database Aware applications using Inprise JBuilder v2
Kevin Minard, Inprise
9 Nov 1998
13 Oct 1998
ObjectShare: PARTS for Java
Thomas Murphy, ObjectShare

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