[ONLINE EVENT] Craig Walls: Essential Spring Data


Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Tune in to watch and chat on YouTube: https://youtu.be/NHEz_G64akI

5:30-5:45: Announcements

5:45-7:15: Essential Spring Data

Data persistence is an essential component of almost every application. But where should the data go? A relational database? A document database? A graph database? Every kind of database has its own unique API, requiring you to pivot your skills depending on what kind of data you’re working with.

Spring Data makes it easy to work with various databases by offering a programming model that is consistent, regardless of which type of database you’re working with. And regardless of the database you’re dealing with, you will find that Spring Data eliminates a lot of boilerplate code.

In this session, you’ll learn how to use Spring Data to rapidly develop repositories for a variety of database types, including relational (JPA and JDBC), document (Mongo), and others (Cassandra, Neo4j, Redis, etc). Time-permitting, we’ll also explore a few advanced techniques for working with Spring Data, such as data projections, reactive repositories, and exposing data APIs automatically with Spring Data REST.

About Craig Walls

Craig Walls is an engineer with VMware and is the author of Spring in Action, Spring Boot in Action, and Build Talking Apps. He’s a zealous promoter of the Spring Framework, speaking frequently at local user groups and conferences and writing about Spring. When he’s not slinging code, Craig is planning his next trip to Disney World or Disneyland and spending as much time as he can with his wife, two daughters, 1 bird and 3 dogs.

You can find Craig on Twitter @habuma (https://twitter.com/habuma).

7:15: Q & A

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