Pejman Ghorbanzade: Improving Productivity through Continuous Regression Testing


Watch on YouTube:, Wednesday April 13, 2022

5:30-5:45: Announcements

5:45-7:15: Improving Developer Productivity through Continuous Regression Testing

Making code changes to real-world software systems runs the risk of introducing unintended side-effects that are costly to find and fix. There are methods and tools to help us mitigate the inherent risks. One of these methods is regression testing that helps us compare the behavior of a given version of our software against a previous version, using a large number of test cases. This talk outlines the benefits and challenges of continuous regression testing in development of real-world software, reviews some of the well-known regression testing tools available in the Java ecosystem, and introduces a new tool with a novel approach to regression testing, to show the impact of continuous software testing on improving developer productivity and software development efficiency.

About Pejman Ghorbanzade

Pejman Ghorbanzade is the founder and CEO of, helping software engineers understand the true impact of their code changes on the behavior and performance of their software. Before Touca, Pejman was a senior software engineer at Canon Medical Informatics building software for advanced visualization of medical images. Before that, he was a software engineer at VMware Carbon Black. Pejman is interested in problems related to the design and maintenance of software at scale and over time. He is passionate about solutions to improve stability and maintainability of products with large ever-changing codebases.

You can find Pejman on Twitter at @heypejman (

7:15-7:30: Q & A

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