Chris Love: Foundational Kubernetes and Container Security

Wednesday October 12th, 2022

Watch on YouTube:

5:30-5:45: Announcements

5:45-7:15: Foundational Kubernetes and Container Security

Security is a complex topic that can slow your team down, by adding too much complexity. This talk will cover some basic steps to improve your container and Kubernetes security posture. Come learn the foundational security basics that are critical for running applications in Kubernetes.

About Chris Love

Chris Love is a Google Cloud Certified hybrid Multi-cloud Fellow, and a Co-founder of Lionkube. He has over 25 years of software and IT engineering experience with companies including Google, Oracle, VMWare, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, and others. As a thought leader within Kubernetes and the DevOps community, Chris Love has contributed to many open source projects including Kubernetes, kops (former AWS SIG lead), Bazel (contributed to Kubernetes rules), and Terraform (an early contributor to the VMware plugin). His professional interests include, IT culture transformation, containerization technologies, automated testing frameworks and practices, Kubernetes, Golang AKA Go and other programming languages. Love also enjoys speaking around the world about DevOps, Kubernetes, and Technology; as well as mentoring people in the IT and Software industry.

Outside of work Love enjoys skiing, volleyball, yoga, and other outdoor activities that come with living in Colorado. He’s also a practicing martial artist for over 20 years.

If you’re interested in having virtual coffee or have questions for Chris, you can contact him at @chrislovecnm on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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