Java meets TypeScript: building a full-stack reactive web app with Spring Boot


Wednesday, January 11 2023

Hello Denver Java Enthusiasts!

We’re starting at a new location in 2023 – Thrive Workplace in Cherry Creek. If you’re looking for a co-working location, they’re excellent!

We figure it’s best to start small and grow to a bigger space as needed. There is paid parking nearby the venue. We look forward to seeing you!

5:30-6:00: Food, Soda, Beer, and Networking

6:00-6:15: Announcements

6:15-7:45: Java meets TypeScript: building a full-stack reactive web app with Spring Boot

As Java developers, we know the benefits of type-safety when building apps. The problem? Usually, that type-safety ends when we leave the server. What if it didn’t have to be that way?

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to build a full-stack reactive web app through live code examples. We’ll use Spring Boot and Java on the backend and React with TypeScript on the frontend, connecting the two with the new Hilla framework from Vaadin.

About Marcus Hellberg:

Marcus is a long-time Java and web developer, always curious to learn new things. He’s interested in combining modern web technologies and Java. Marcus loves teaching developers about cool new technologies and has presented at over 100 conferences and user groups around the world. He currently leads Developer Relations at Vaadin.

You can find Marcus on Twitter at @marcushellberg.

7:45: Door prizes sponsored by JFrog and Intellij.

The post-event festivities are sponsored by Okta.

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