DJUG 10/13;Engineering your DSLs;Requirements and Estimating by Peter Bell

We are NOT at the Tivoli, but we are still on the Auraria Campus again.
Please stay in touch in case they move us again.
We are supposed to be in the Plaza building, directly South of the Tivoli in M104.
Please also be aware there has been a change in parking; you now pay on-line if the lot is closed when you leave.

5:30 – 6:00 PM Pizza and Networking

6:00 PM: Requirements and Estimating by Peter Bell

Your boss doesn’t care about the latest features in Spring Security. They do care about you estimating projects accurately and delivering what they expect. In this session, learn a range of practical techniques for improving your requirements gathering and increasing the accuracy of your project estimates while setting realistic expectations.

7:15 PM – Engineering your DSLs by Peter Bell

The easy part of implementing Domain Specific Languages is coding them. The hard part comes when you have to think about testing, documenting, evolving and providing appropriate editing interfaces for them.
In this session we’ll go beyond the syntax and look at the real world engineering concerns for widespread use of a DSL and various proven strategies for building DSLs that will grow with your projects and work for your target users.

About the Speaker:

Peter Bell has been presenting internationally for years on Domain Specific Languages, Domain Specific Modeling and Software Product Lines. His focus is on getting beyond the syntax to handle the engineering concerns when developing real world DSL solutions – from evolution to IDE support, constraint checking, documentation and testing DSLs.
He is on the Program Committee for Code Generation in Cambridge England and the Domain Specific Modeling workshop at SPLASH (was ooPSLA).
He is also the CEO/CTO of SystemsForge – a New York based company that uses DSLs and a Software Product Line built on top of Groovy and Grails to develop custom web applications quickly and cost effectively. The SystemsForge product line has been presented at ooPSLA and Code Generation and written up in IEEE Software and Methods & Tools.

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