May 11th Combined DJUG and DOSUG event

We’re combining forces for a combined DJUG and DOSUG Ignite Night.

The combined event will be held on the DJUG date and location on the CCCS Campus
which is located where Lowry was, instead of the usual DOSUG time and location.
This event will be held on WEDNESDAY, May 11th, 2011
Here is the page to submit a proposal is:
We’ll meet in Bldg. 697,Room 200C at 1061 Akron Way Denver CO 80230 — Lowry Conference Center
I created a talk based on the mass conversion I had to do to take HTML
web reports and convert them to PDFs for our exteranal website.
This was *really* easy to do. I had watched some of the links I’m providing below
to see what I was supposed to create and it only took 30 min. of my lunch break
to create my outline of 20 slides.  A presenter gets 15 seconds per slide.
If  I can do this; anybody can.
Here are some examples for you to watch; and get an idea of what we need.
But there’s more. I’ve created an outline but I still need to create a slide deck.
For that I will need imagery.
Here are some links I got from Matthew for imagery that’s
either public domain or Creative Commons licensing that I can use.
[Click “Advanced Image Search” and “labeled for reuse”
They tell you to verify the image is OK to use though.
I did an initial search with this one and found images that may be copyrighted.]
We are short a few speakers; so if some of you could please sign-up we really need you to speak.
Here are some of the talks for May 11th:
  • Oz DiGennaro – Semantic Rubrication
  • Tim Berglund – Horton Composes a Method
  • Scott Ryan – Jquery Mobile
  • Greg Ostravich – How a cupsfilter made a hard web conversion easier
  • Travis Nelson – R Data Analytics Software
  • Kurt Harriger – Finding Clojure
  • Matthew J. McCullough – Pwn Your Mac
So please sign up, it should be a lot of fun.
Here’s that link again:

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